Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Assistant choreographer

Anniina Tammi


Rosa Lohiniva & Anniina Tammi

Costumes Venla Takkinen

Light and sound

Kasperi Nordman / Niklas Väyliö

Promo pictures Aleksi Nurminen


Moona and Matilda


Julia, Josefina and The Christmas Tree

Après moi, le déluge


Weak Signal

Weak Signal is a dance theatre piece about communication and it’s difficulties, encountering and ignoring. It is dealing with social miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Make-up Anu Hepo-oja
Hair Heini Kiuru

Light and sound Niklas Väyliö

Promo pictures Sanna Breilin

Video Pasi Sauna-aho

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Janne and Summer Stories

Celebrating the 150 years of Jean Sibelius, famous Finnish composer.

Director Laura Humppila

Choreography Working group



Loneliness and exclusion

What does it mean to be different and why do people categorize and exclude others from groups.

How do people cope with this rejection from groups? How does an individual judge its own worth when no one wants him/her around?

Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Performers Laura Humppila & Rosa Lohiniva

Costumes Venla Takkinen

Make-up Anu Hepo-oja

Hair Heini Kiuru

Light and sound Petri Rovio

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The Blame

The Blame is a dance theatre piece on guilt, being innocent and being accused.

”Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas” Philip Merilees concocted in 1972

Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Performers Heini Kiuru, Sara Lohiniva, Rosa Lohiniva

Costumes Venla Takkinen

Promo pictures

Mirjami Kankkunen

Sanna Breilin


Slavery is far from extinct and modern forms are just more vicious than 300 years ago. Exploiting people for work or for sexual gratification is unfortunately easy, and the younger they are the more they can be blackmail into unpaid labour.

Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Helsinki University 2013

Little Christmas Story

Little Christmas Story is telling the struggle that three Santas' little helpers are having on the big preparation of Christmas. The personalities of these three helpers clash and it is not likely that Santa will be able to deliver the packages on time this year. That is unless..

Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Performers Noora Kaijanen, Sara Lohiniva and Rosa Lohiniva

Lasten Joulurieha 2013


Dealing with the social subject of relationship’s ending. How does one ends a relationship and how people are affected by this break up.

Choreography Rosa Lohiniva

Dramatization of written text Sara Lohiniva

Musician Emilia Tuovila

Costumes Venla Takkinen

Make-up and hair Camilla Pönkkä

Light design Milla Hilke
Light and sound Ville Hatanpää

Promo pictures Mari Haikonen


India Theatre Olympiad 2016, Cuttack

India Theatre Olympiad 2015, Cuttack

Kerran Kallion kaduilla vol.2 2014, Helsinki

Rovaniemen teatteri 2013