Rosa Lohiniva

Bachelor in Dance (Outokumpu)

Bachelor in Producing (Helsinki)

Drama Pedagogue (Helsinki)

Rosa is Artistic Director of Dance Theatre PINTA. She is driven by social and environmental interests. That's why it's natural that those are explored in each of PINTA's performances. Rosa has a strong background and interest in ballet and contemporary dance. She is versatile and practices partnering and pair-acro.

Rosa has a long history as a dance teacher. She has been teaching for example at Ammattiopisto Live (Vocational School Live for professional dancers to be) and Vantaan Voimisteluseura. Rosa is part of the crew members of the Parkour and Circus Academy of Helsinki.

You can find her working experience here.

Rosa is also a freelance dancer. She has been working for Rovaniemi Theatre and Peacock Theatre as a dancer. She has been performing also in various videos i.e. Afrotysonia music video: Dance on the roof.

You can find her personal website here.